Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I have tossed into my hospital bag...

So far.

gum (I hear this helps your guts start moving? what the hell, right? I like gum)
Hello Kitty slippers
a blanket from home
my three favorite books: Jurassic Park, Silence of the Lambs, Circle of Friends

Huh. That's it so far! I've been more focused on getting the house in order than packing. Today I had all our homeschooling cupboards emptied out, and reorganized all that stuff. I cleaned Reese and Eli's room really well. Eric and the kids helped me get the basement picked up. Hopefully we'll get the main level picked up, vacuumed, and mopped before my mom arrives on Sunday. When things are clean and organized, I feel better and more peaceful. I want the house spic and span shining clean before I go to the hospital on Wednesday.

On Wednesay. No dates anymore, it's too close. But if anyone is counting, I have five more days. My strategy to not freak out is to just keep busy. Tomorrow I'll be spending a few hours at a spa getting a massage and a body polish, thanks to Eric's coworkers. Maybe I'll sneak out Sunday morning to go to the bookstore and drink some tea. At some point someone should go to Walgreens and get the colon prep supplies.

Eric was looking at the tv listings, and we decided I need to be home by Monday evening, January 11th, because that's when our primetime shows restart for the season (House!!!! New House!!!!). I think that's a good goal, but I'll be okay if it doesn't happen. We do have DVR, we're not a pack of animals.

I'm thinking a lot of things, feeling a lot of things, trying not to freak out too much. Trying not to cry too much. I've cried so much since the beginning of September, it gets old.

Hey, Sheryl Crow sings a song about that! Want some lyrics? Here you go:

Wouldn't it be good if
we could hope a flight to anywhere
say so long to this life
so much for pretendin
bad luck's neverending
and now I know that

It could be worse
I coulda missed my calling
Sometimes it hurts
But when you read the writing on the wall
Can't cry anymore

And now I better feed my children. :) Happy New Year!! Let's hope 2010 is way better than 2009.


  1. Hi Sheri,
    I just want you to know how much you are loved. Remember, while you are going through this tough time, that you will beat this. We have a summer beach party to plan. By then, this will be just a bad memory. Just know that I am here for you.
    Mom J.

  2. Sheri,
    Your Mom and Dad love you so much! You are a strong girl and we know that there will be much better days ahead. You have a great family to get you through this bad time. Healing is on its way! See you soon.

    Love Mom and Dad

  3. I hope you had a great time at the spa, and were able to sneak off to the bookstore.