Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posted by Eric for Sheri:

Per the doc, all the tubes will be coming out on Sunday and Sheri needs to get moving more in order to begin to think about going home. The catheter will need to come out to minimize the risk of a UTI, but she at the same time would have to be able to walk to the bathroom, which is currently out of the question. He removed the dressing on the bikini-line incision stating the incision did not need any dressing, unless Sheri feels better with it. Sheri is indifferent. There are currently drains in both the front and back; the back drain will come out easily, however the front drain will cause a bit of pain when it is tugged out.

The breathing exercises are going well, and today the nurses commented that her lungs were finally clear. Nausea continues to be a problem, but the doc was unsure if the nausea was caused by the morphine. He thought perhaps, because of the timing of the nausea spells that it was ultimately caused by Sheri’s insides continuing to not function properly. Several meds were prescribed upon his review that will help get the guts moving again. The nurses have been hearing sounds for a couple of days now, but items that are drank don’t appear to be going anywhere except back up and out.

Two (2) units of blood were given last night with good results; the heart rate is down and hemoglobin is up to 8.5 today and the doc is borderline on given another unit but wants to wait and see. He is not concerned about the headache that developed overnight and continues this morning.

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