Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fresh Air!!

Yes, my mom, the kids, and I got out of the house this morning. I was on the fence until about 8am, but then decided it would be a good idea to at least pop in to the LLL meeting. As with almost everything, I was right about it being a good idea (haha). I got to talk to friends I haven't seen in a while, and got to see everyone's babes. We did end up sneaking out before the meeting was over, but I think we were there for about an hour. I brought a pillow to cushion the chair, which sort of helped. There was still a great deal of shifting and standing once in a while too.

I do feel better mentally. It's hard to look at the same old messy living room (thanks, kids) day after day. I'm used to seeing friends more often, and the kids are used to playing with their friends. I can tell the outing tired me out a bit though. I'm ready for rest time!

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