Friday, January 8, 2010

48 hours down

Posted by Eric for Sheri:

First thing is first, Weather report: Today was sunny and not warm. It is currently 16 degrees as I type this.

Second, we just passed the 48 hour mark and the doc checked in with the official report. The testing on the 13.6 inches of specimen showed that all the margins were negative for cancer, however, 1 of the 23 lymph nodes that were removed was positive. With that being said, he is confident that all the treatment done so far was the correct course of action and by being aggressive we will have taken care of this with the first swing.

Hemoglobin is low, 6.5 so a couple of units will be transfused this evening. Nausea and vomiting again this evening; so much for the hope that last night was the last of that, but we got some pain meds and nausea meds and Sheri is once again sleeping. Unfortunately, vomiting apple juice means the end of that beverage option . . .

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