Monday, January 11, 2010

Nurse Arm-Strong

Posted by Eric for Sheri:

A nurse just came in and disconnected the IV from Sheri moving her from morphine to Percocet. This nurse is very pushy and we kind of wonder if things would not be moving along faster if we had a nurse like her yesterday or even Saturday.

So anyway, Sheri was given the pills for pain and promised a walk down the hall (pretty much whether she wanted to or not) then another try at the toilet. If no luck by then, there will have to be another straight-cath to drain the bladder.

Overall pain is down and food is staying down and it appears intestines are moving. Everything seems to be working except for the bladder. Blood count is down to 8, but the nurse was happy with the slow decline and suggested things are leveling off. She did refuse to take out the line in the back of Sheri's hand just in case 2 non-compatible drugs should have to be administered prior to departure.

It has been 24 hours since the move to the new room and I hope we get a discount because the construction noise is horrible. We are further away from the new building but the hospital must be remodeling something on one of the floors below us.

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