Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gettin' there

This morning I was able to be up and about long enough to do such things as discipline my arguing children, wash some dishes, and make hot chocolate. I'm a bit tired now, but it feels so good to be doing useful things. No marathons in my future, but being able to make hot chocolate for the kids in the morning is a very big deal.

The stitches do tend to hurt less the more I move around. Bending over is still hard, it reminds me a lot of the time right after radiation when I couldn't pick stuff up off the floor. And you'd be amazed at how often the muscles in your abs and butt come into play doing ordinary things. I would like to figure out how to shave the three weeks' worth of hair off my legs, but I guess it's winter and maybe no one will notice. I keep hearing that my leg hair will keep me warm, but I don't know about that.

I don't talk a lot about my belly stitches. They are getting the shaft, but so far I haven't had any trouble from them. Other than the tape beginning to peel off, there's not much to tell. I do have a very tempting awesome scab where the drainage tube was, but I promised Eric I wouldn't pick at it. And of course my stoma is in my belly, but we seem to be getting along just fine so far.

My appetite is slowly coming back. I'm not feeling so tired all day long. Could this be me bouncing back? I think so and am hopeful. It probably seems silly that I'm getting excited about things like washing dishes. The longer you sit in a recliner, the more you long to just get back to normal.

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