Monday, October 26, 2009


I cried a bunch last night all over Eric, just some "It's not fair" and "I'm sad" tears. And maybe some "I'm tired of holding it all together" tears too. I feel better this morning. Crying is good, I think.

Oh man, Eric is reading the kiddie cancer book to Reese and Eli. It's a storybook called When Mama Wore a Hat. I can't read that damn thing without crying my eyes out.

Anyway, my plan today is to grab a nurse and ask about a couple side effects. Awwww, you want to know what they are? That's so sweet! The one I can't seem to find any information about ANYWHERE (seriously, books, teh internets) is the annoying vaginal bleeding. Nope, not my period, just random bleeding. I vaguely recall one of the doctors asking about it last week, so it's probably no big deal. The other crappy thing is some pain while urinating, which I was warned about, but in the interest of making sure it's not a bladder infection, I thought I'd see if the nurse thinks it can wait until I see the Fry Doctor. I usually see him either on Tuesday or Thursday.

So I'm off to drink a bunch of water and go get fried. Happy Monday!

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