Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excitement at the Cancer Center!

Oh it didn't start off exciting. I actually found a parking space right away, didn't have to wait for a changing room, and of course the Radiation Girls were all ready for me. I laid on the table, got zapped by Dr. Evil's lasers, and when I got up one of the girls goes, "Oh my gosh!" I looked down and there was a nice sized blood spot on the front of my stylish gown. After some investigating, we realized that the twisty parts of my tubing came apart. The Radiation Girls scrambled to find some gloves and helped me clamp off the tubing. I don't think they deal with blood very often because they both seemed kind of freaked out.

It turns out that today was the Fry Doctor's ambush day, so the nurse said she would walk me to the chemo side to get the tubing fixed. Keep in mind I'm still in my stylish gown, and I have to pee. And I mean, I really really had to pee. So I changed my clothes and we went over. The nurse was all, "Oh my gosh!" She ushered me into one of the lab rooms and started taking things apart on the tubing. The line had to be flushed out, and the twisty thingies replaced. Keep in mind, I still had to pee. The chemo nurse decided to take the chemo pump and long tubing to get them cleaned up, I made a break for the bathroom, and then got things hooked up again.

I walked over to radiation looking like a freaking gunshot victim. I wanted to assure the people in the waiting room that most patients don't come out of chemo with blood all over their clothes.

After all that, I had to wait around for the Fry Doctor. His nurse asked me about side effects. There really wasn't much to tell, since I just saw the Fry Doctor last Thursday. The doctor started asking me questions like, "Have you noticed any pain in your feet?" "Are you noticing swelling in your legs?" and "Do your hips or tailbone hurt at all?" What? MORE side effects? Then he seemed puzzled that I'm not experiencing more side effects. Perhaps I'm just the wild card, always doing the unexpected. Watch your brake lines!!

Ten treatments down, bitches!!! I'm considering a party on treatment day 13, but we shall see. ;)

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