Monday, October 26, 2009

It felt pretty good to be the ambuser instead of the ambushee today. And how convenient, the nurse I normally see was standing by the registration desk.

So she took me to an exam room and I yakked at her about the vaginal bleeding. It was most likely caused by...well, that's none of your business. But it's not a concern. The pee pain could be a UTI, so I gave a sample. I'll see the Fry Doctor tomorrow and we can talk about it more then. Did you know there's a drug I can take for painful urination though? It turns your pee orange. True story.

Overall, not much to report.

Six left!!!!!!!


  1. Phenazopyridine (Piridium) is an awesome drug. I'm so much happier now that I have a dose in my system, even though it means I can't nurse Zeke until I'm off of it.

    You know you can buy it OTC at Walgreens for a LOT less than what the prescription costs, and it's close to the same dose?

  2. so sorry to see how this blog ended. my sympathies to the family.