Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chemo tube drama part 2!

All right, there was no drama today. I talked to one of the chemo nurses about the bubbles and she said it happens all the time, and it's no big deal, not to worry. Well all right then.

Drama aside, it was kind of cool to see how fast and far the chemo travels in the tube (because you could see it while we were on chemo tube watch last night). I always wondered about that.

And some update delight! I saw the chemo doc today, and he's pleased with how things are going (and no doubt my lack of side effects). He still wants me to do two weeks of chemo after radiation is done. We also talked a little about the chemo after radiation. It will be a different kind of chemo, one of two options, but he mentioned fulfox. I haven't looked that up, I kind of don't want to deal with it yet because it's far away and I have bigger things (like surgery) to think about. It's good to know there's a plan, and I'm sure my research-loving husband will do his thing when he has a chance.

The chemo doc and I talked more about my Ipod than anything medical, and that was fine with me. He's very nice and personable. And he reminded me to take my B12, which I sometimes (okay, often) forget about taking.

I am just exhausted today though, and I was when I got up this morning. I keep thinking to myself, one more treatment this week and two days off. And after tomorrow, 7 radiation treatments left. I'm thinking End of Radiation Party, complete with french fries and shots of tequila. Who's in??


  1. Me! Me! Me! I am totally in for a party!!!

  2. Did someone say shots?!

  3. I am in for shots...yea you are almost done with the fry guy !!

  4. I'm totally up for a party. I'll stick to the french fries though, lol.

    Glad to hear that there was nothing wrong with the bubbles.

  5. Count me in!
    2 of my favorite things---alcohol and deep fried food. (among others)