Friday, October 30, 2009

Soooooooo tired

You'd think that after so many weeks of this radiation and chemo business, that I'd be used to how tired I can get. Stupid little things make me want to crash on the couch for an hour. Example? Making the kids breakfast put me on the couch for 45 minutes. I would fight through the tired, that's what I've been doing since Reese was born (she was not a sleeper...still isn't! haha), but if I try to do too much, I get a headache and nauseous and pretty much HAVE to lay down. I briefly considered throwing in a load of laundry, but bending over hurts, and it hurts more when I'm without aloe, as I must be cream and lotion free for a little while before my treatments.

But for someone who used to think nothing of cleaning up the kitchen, loading and running the dishwasher, getting myself and the kids dressed, and throwing in a load of laundry...all of this done in the span of maybe 45 minutes...this is hard for me. I can't take care of my family the way I used to and it's frustrating. I got fired from a job I enjoyed and hired for a job that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

For now, I'll watch other people pick up my slack, but you just wait. Before we know it, I'll be back to cooking (which I really miss) and cleaning and all that jazz.

After today...THREE more fry sessions!!!!!!!


  1. Maybe you should have a drink for each radiation treatment you had as celebration :)


  2. 28 drinks? That will most likely do me in. hahahahahaha