Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No, I didn't forget...

even though I wanted to.

I received a message from a very worried nurse at the cancer center because it was 4:15pm and I hadn't gone back for my chemo bag yet. They joked that they thought I forgot.

Actually, aside from being freaking exhausted this afternoon, I did feel normal. Sort of. I think that's why I cried on the way home tonight. There's nothing that says, "Hey, you have cancer" like lugging around a chemo bag. One week down though, right?

I made the mistake of looking at the needle that goes into my port. Holy hell, that's a big needle! I mean, it probably isn't, really, but yikes. I was a little nervous that it would hurt like a banshee putting that needle back in, but it didn't. The needle poke place is a little red though, so the nurse shoved a round pad with some antibiotic ointment under the yellow needle placer thing.

I'm a little irritated too because when the nurse took the dressing off this morning, there was all kinds of gunky stuff where the edges were. He said something about cleaning that off, but then never revisited it, and I didn't remember to ask. When I asked about cleaning it off tonight, the nurse (a different one) was all, "Oh, well, that probably should have been done this morning because the new dressing won't stick if we use cleaner now." Blah blah blah.


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  1. I admit that I laughed about the port needle. I remember mom bringing me in to the little 'lab' room (we were at TC though, I don't know how it's set up at AMC) just so I could see the gigantic needle they use.

    I looked once and couldn't go in again. I give you tons of credit.