Saturday, October 3, 2009


I got a bunch of mail yesterday. Well, I've been getting mail everyday in the form of postcards and sweet cards from my awesome MDtG friends. Thank you again, ladies!!

My copy of Food Arts magazine arrived. I get that one for free because I lied and said I was a restaurant owner. Shhhhhh. It's all the restaurant buzz and new techniques in the food industry.

I also found a mysterious box from terra source gourmet chocolates. No card, no note, just delicious vegan truffles. Om nom nom nom. So good. Anyone want to take credit so I can thank you properly? I don't think I've tried chocolate from terra source, but it's a Madison based company, so that's really cool.

My children were quite upset to find me laying on the couch without the chemo bag attached to my body. It was funny.

Speaking of chemo bags, I managed to sleep last night without all the tubes getting tangled in Eli's hands and feet. I do this by hanging the bag on our decorative headboard, letting all the tubing out, and throwing it over my neck. Don't worry, it's much too thin to strangle me. Hah. And I'd rather not wake up with the tubing wrapped around Eli's foot (while he's kicking in his sleep) like we did the night before.

Sleeping? I'm tired. Chemo and radiation make me tired. Weary tired. It's definitely a drag. And I don't always feel like sleeping. Sitting on the couch is okay.

I'm going to the farmer's market today. Veggies! Mmmmmm.

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