Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I had my first radiation treatment today. No, I'm not really crispy. It didn't hurt (I was worried about that, I'll admit. Silly). It took longer than the promised ten minutes because we stopped to chat with the Fry Doctor about the PET scan results, and the techs had to take some xrays to make sure I was all lined up properly. There's not a whole lot to say about the radiation. Oh, except that the radiation techs were all excited about my tattoos. Next time it should go more quickly.

After radiation, Eric and I went over to chemo. Thus began the eternity of waiting. In all fairness to the chemo department, they were having a problem with someone's treatment that was backing up their schedule. Then the nurse had to fill out a bunch of paperwork about the chemo pump. Then she had to talk about side effects and how to use the pump. Then she hooked up the pump to the alien port.

The pump is basically as long as my hand and as wide, and maybe two inches thick. Like a big wallet? Too bad it doesn't filter out money, huh? Anyhoo, it continuously delivers chemo drugs through a very long tube that is hooked to the alien port. No, the chemo drugs aren't pretty colors, they are just clear (I was gunning for colors too, but oh well). The needle in the alien port doesn't hurt. The nurse assured me that you really had to pull to get the needle to come out. I have to go in every Wednesday to get more chemo drugs.

Confession: I'm not crazy about this pump. I have it slung over my shoulder kind of like you'd wear a messenger bag, but I think I might be a dork and wear it on my waist like a fanny pack. Right now the straps pull on my neck and it swings around and in general makes me cranky. I can play around with it and find something that works.

Who was wondering about showering?? I know I was. You don't get to detach yourself from this thing, unfortunately. The bag can hang outside the shower, like on the curtain rod or something. Don't worry, the tube is really long. Like really long.

Sleeping? The nurse suggested putting it under my pillow. Well I can tell you, I'm only doing that if the Chemo Pump Fairy visits in the night and leaves me some gifts. People put this thing under their pillows? What kind of pillows are they using? Mine isn't all that big or thick.

Yeah. I'll get used to it. I don't really have a choice. Oh and around my waist? Seems somewhat better.

I'll be thinking happy thoughts and sewing for the rest of the day. Your happy thoughts are appreciated, too.


  1. and Julie (Mom) says, Happy thoughts are going your way!! We love you and can't wait to see you again.


  2. Always happy thoughts for you, Sheri.

  3. I'm sending lots of happy thoughts you way! I hear ya about the pump. It's a huge pain in the Butt

  4. Sorry about that blurb above, but, yea the pump is a huge pain. I carried mine around for 2 months, but after a couple weeks, you get "somewhat" used to it. Just keep thinking positive, happy thoughts! This is just a speed bump in life and I know you are going to beat it. So, here come lots of happy thoughts! :). Mom and I love you!
    Poppy :)

  5. Oh I'm so glad it didn't hurt!!! I was wondering too. Happy thoughts heading your way...especially since you have something in your body kicking cancer's ass!!!

  6. I am also glad that it didn't hurt! I was worried about that for you and mom.

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