Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I'm all keyed up. Sleeping is a little tough when your mind won't quit thinking about things, so I'm also tired. Do I just need to get through the first radiation appointment, and then I'll be able to sleep?

The other day I pulled out a yoga DVD. A friend of mine suggested it might help with trying to stay relaxed. And exercise is good for you, yo. The first time I followed along with the routine it reminded me of yoga class in college. Yes, I took yoga class. I had to have PE credits, blah blah, and it was a nice place to doze off. I mean, meditate. Back off, okay? I had a lot of stuff going on and sleep wasn't a priority. I remembered some of the basic yoga positions after all these years. My friend was right, yoga is relaxing. I think it was more fun to reminisce.

Remember college? Remember how easy it all was? My big problems back then seem incredibly silly now, like not getting along with my roommate and having a crush on a friend (who already had a girlfriend, gah, what a mess that was). Oh and let's not forget where we were going to eat lunch or what movie we were going to see. Like Napoleon's Uncle Rico, sometimes I wish I could go back, not to be a star quarterback but to be a part of an easier time again. Going to class, hanging out under the tree at lunch, working at Arby's, living in the dorms...I don't think I fully appreciated all that at the time.

On the verge of starting what might be the most challenging time in my life so far, I sure as heck appreciate those times now.


  1. Hi Sheri,

    that's what tylenol PM is for :) A trusted remedy for such situations! I know...unfortunately.


  2. Hey Sheri,
    Yoga is a great idea. I wish I had thought of it.

    I took a yoga class in High School, I should get back to it. I wonder if I can remember any poses? Love Mom

  3. I probably would go for the tylonel PM, but I don't feel okay taking anything and cosleeping. Eric has the day off tomorrow, so I can take a nap in the afternoon if I need to. :)