Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No news is...no news.

Hello from radioactive land! I just got home from the PET scan and the first thing I did was shove my mouth full of bread. Bwahahahahaha!

Not really. Well, I toasted it first, spread on lots of peanut butter, and then shoved it in my mouth.

If you ever have a PET scan, let me tell you, it's BORING. I was taken back to a little room, kind of like a closet, and the tech put in a temporary IV. He tested my blood sugar (88 if you were curious like I was) because they won't do the scan if someone's blood sugar is over 200. Then one of the nurses brought in a syringe encased in metal (really) and they injected me with the radioactive juices. Then I was told to relax and take a nap for an hour.

Yeah, right. I'm in this closet like room that's not even really a room. It's more like a partitioned off area with a shower curtain around it. I can hear the techs and the nurses chatting, and it was cold in there even with a blanket. So I laid around thinking about the House episode I watched last night and about some stuff I need to do today...basically anything but cancer because I didn't want to start crying. And about halfway through I had to pee like crazy.

After an eternity of that, I was ushered to the bathroom, then taken to the tube room. The tech and the nurse asked me about ten times if I was wearing a bra or if I had any metal in my pockets. Okay, it wasn't ten times, it was twice. They let me listen to the radio while I was being scanned. I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I'm not claustrophobic exactly, but having my face inches from the inside of a tube kind of makes me think of graves and being buried alive. Freaky, man, freaky. So eyes closed and focus on the music it is! I cleverly figured that the scan would last for about ten songs, if the average song is about three minutes long. I was close, it was nine songs and commercials.

And I know nothing more than I did before the PET scan except that they got good pictures. Which I didn't see. We should know more after meeting with the oncologist later this afternoon.

I'm not supposed to be in close contact with my kids for six hours. :( That's a long time.

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