Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Information Overload

So, are you ready? No really, are you ready? Random facts in no particular order starting NOW!

Fact #1: teh cancer is in just the one place (rectum/anus, for those of you trying to catch up on this wild ride). The PET scan didn't light up anything else.

Fact #2: The chemo oncologist said that for the 6-8 weeks before surgery chemo, it will be administered continuously through a battery pack. So I'll have a needle in my Alien Port, and a bag of chemo juice to lug around.

Fact #3: There aren't really a lot of side effects of the chemo. My hands and feet will most likely get dry (varying degrees of dryness). Some people get mouth sores. Most likely not any hair loss from the chemo.

Fact #4: Most of the pesky side effects are caused by the radiation. I'm not going to talk about those because frankly, they're gross. But the radiation will be concentrated on my abdomen, so you just use your imagination (or your speedy google fingers).

Fact #5: Radiation will be five days a week for 5-6 weeks (in combination with chemo). Maybe. The oncologist said that's usually how it goes. After the initial measuring and such, it will only be a really short visit.

Fact #6: 3-4 weeks after radiation/chemo, I will have surgery (I guess we already knew that).

Fact #7: After recovering from surgery, I will most likely have another 16 weeks of chemo, and for that I'll have to go visit the lovely cancer center because it will be through IV.

Fact #8: Our doctor really likes baseball. I mean really likes it.

Fact #9: The PET scan was cool to look at, and teh cancer looks freaking huge. We don't know what stage it is. Stage is something that is assigned by looking at the pathology of things after surgery.

Fact #10: Chemo/Radiation can't start until I get an appointment with the radiology people. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so getting in still this week is iffy. So we're looking at another maybe two weeks. Of waiting. Oh joy.

Overall, it was a very anticlimactic visit (thanks for the words, Eric). We found out some stuff, we looked at some cool pictures, we found out teh cancer isn't invading any other organs. It was a mixed bag of good news and more overwhelming information. For all the stressing out I've been doing, I don't know that I feel all that much better really. I'm kind of just...here. I don't know.


  1. I am really happy that the cancer is concentrated to one spot. Hopefully the chemo you will be on is a "good" chemo.

    Do you have to get the shots?

  2. For the crappy cards you've been dealt, I'm thinking this is pretty happy news....although incredibly overwhelming! You guys will remain in my thoughts and prayers! :)

  3. I am very glad to hear that the cancer is staying in one place. Continueing to pray for you.

  4. Nobody said anything about shots. Yet.