Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When I laid down with Eli to help him get to sleep, I fell asleep too. Eric came in to ask me if I wanted to go to bed. After laying in bed for a while, I decided to get back up. Laying in bed waiting to fall asleep isn't all that much fun. So instead, I'm going to post pictures of my ass! And the Alien Port! Aren't you all so lucky?

This is kind of gross, you've been warned.

I'm told this mass is 5cm. I could describe that for you or compare it to something, but I think it's more fun to have you go round up a ruler and see for yourself. Bonus points if you get someone to take a picture of your expression when you do. But hey, look how clean my guts are!

And this is the Alien Port. Just so you know, if you prefer, you can also call it the Monster Alien Port because that is what Reese wants to call it.

See? Totally under my skin. If that's not freaky, I don't know what is. Right now my neck hurts kind of like when you have a bad cold and your glands get swollen. Everything feels really tight. I hope that feeling goes away because I can't turn my head very well and that's kind of a bummer.


  1. The tightness does go away! I cant feel my pacemaker in like i could the first couple weeks.

    Hope you are doing better!

  2. Nice Ass! Oh and I'm with Reese on the "monster alien port" just because I'm one for jazzin things up when you get the chance!

    On a more serious note, I am so happy about the great news yesterday! As I've learned in the courtroom, as long as you get a chance to fight, things tend to go your way. And we're ALL fighting with you on this one!

  3. I've been told the pain goes away too, Sheri. Don't be afraid of the pain medication, please! Call me if you need someone to come over and play with the kids so you can take some. 886-0056