Monday, February 8, 2010

Wound Vac in the House

And man, I hate it. It's a good thing no one told me it was going to hurt like a mother fucker, or I might have declined. Maybe. Having Eric pack my ass with gauze wasn't all that pleasant either.

All right, so Eric and I went to the clinic this afternoon. The very kind wound ostomy care (WOC) nurses were so sympathetic and nice. They hauled in a huge box which contained the supplies we'll need for this next adventure. I laid down on the table and cried while they did their work. To their credit, they tried very hard to be gentle and numbed me up with lidocaine. And before I knew it, I had a pump hooked up to my ass. I wish I could describe it better. They put a spongey type substance in the wound hole, then cover up a patch with a plasticy bandage. Oh, they shaved my ass hair first. How's that for service?? Then they used more of the spongy stuff to make a trail up to a pump connection, which is on my hip. The tube goes to a pump that sucks the wound juices away. How's that for total layman's terms? Did that even make any sense? I'm on full vicodin right now because as I mentioned before, OUCH.

Really, it hurts. The general consensus is that my pain should be better tomorrow after things get a chance to settle and my ass gets used to the suction. And I'm hearing rumblings that my pain levels should be noticeably better in a week or two, as healing starts. The WOC nurses did say that they've seen worse wounds, and although this one is in a crummy place, it will heal. Eventually.

I feel like I took about a dozen huge steps backwards. At this moment, I can do less than I could this morning because the pain is so bad. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. And I did a fair amount of "Why me" thinking while I was on that table today. Needless to say, I'm feeling down about this whole stupid thing.

But don't worry. I started my happy pills today. It might take a few weeks before I'll notice a huge difference, but I'm on the right track. Even the wound vac puts me solidly on the right track, despite the fact that I HATE IT.

Hopefully things will be better tomorrow. Sigh.

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  1. Oh Sheri that sounds so painful and uncomfortable. I think I need some Vicodin just reading about it. I hope that the pain starts to dissipate quickly now that the air pressure is lower in your wound. I cannot imagine a worse place to have a wound that painful. I hope today is better for you, and every day after a little better than that. Taking pills for depression is a great move. Once you know they are in your system going to work, it might make you feel better right away.
    Love to you,