Thursday, February 4, 2010

One down, seven to go...

Well that's done. But let's start at the beginning.

After rushing around like crazy people this morning, we got to the cancer center on time. I got a needle popped into my port, blood drawn, and waited to see the nurse practicioner. Not as long as I wait to see the doc, but it was still a wait. We chatted about this and that, and at one point she asked me if I felt ready to start chemo. I almost said no, but decided that being scared was not a good reason to hold off. I cried a little bit because I do that when I'm stressed out. We decided to go ahead and were ushered to the chemo chairs.

The chemo chairs are maybe comfortable if you don't have stitches in your ass. They are easier to sit on than the chairs in the doctor's office, and also they recline. Eric and I sat down, then after evaluating the outlet situation, got up and moved. The friendly nurses got me hooked up to the first infusions, which are an antinausea med and some steroids. After that, they needed to do a blood draw. Unfortunately my port decided to pitch a diva fit and wouldn't release any blood. The nurses were baffled, and had me reclining and sitting up and breathing deeply and putting my arm over my head. They suggested an anticoagulant and I said sure. This added about half an hour to my chemo chair stay, and Eric ran out to get potato oles. The nurses tried the port again. Still no blood. They suggested taking the needle out and putting a new one in, and that one I refused. It was flushing fine, stuff was going in fine. And putting that needle in my port hurts. I had to get a poke in the arm instead, but that's not as painful.

Then the chemo was started, and it took about two hours. We sat around talking and goofing off on the internet. After that, I got hooked up to the pump and they let us go.

I don't feel much different, maybe just tired. I don't know if the tiredness is from being out and about or from the chemo. Maybe a bit of both? No cold sensitivity yet, but I haven't tried drinking anything cold. I was fine walking outside.

It wasn't that bad, although I wish the volunteers came around with vegan treats. I guess you can't have everything.


  1. It's so good to hear that everything went fine. I was thinking of you all morning!!!

  2. What kind of vegan treats do you wish they came with? :)

    Do you go back for the shot tomorrow?

  3. Nope, no shots for me! I wear the chemo pump until midday on Saturday and then Eric will be disconnecting it.

    I don't know, vegan brownies or cookies or pretty much anything! But I did have potato oles, and they were awesome.