Thursday, February 11, 2010

I did stuff today!

No really, I did. Breakfast for kids? Why yes! Helped get kids ready to go out for the day? Of course! Was in charge of my own pain meds all day long? That's me! Made faux chicken salad for lunch tomorrow? Whoohoo!

It feels so good to be able to DO things. I've been basically sitting in this recliner for five weeks, so getting up and about is awesome. We did get one more tweek on the pain meds that should work even more effectively.

If only I didn't have to get my ass vac dressing changed tomorrow, life would be just about perfect.

Seriously, I'm not looking forward to it. The nurses suggested that each change would get easier, and as the wound heals my pain should continue to go down. My only defense is taking a crapload of drugs right before I go, which I have to say does make things more loopy. Well, what can you do when you have a gaping wound in your ass? You go to the wound care nurses, that's what. I'm glad they're so nice.

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