Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today was about a hundred times better than yesterday, and I don't think my ass is any less sore. Lots of really awesome things happened. I got good sleep last night and my back didn't hurt when I woke up. Eric was able to hang out with us in the morning to make sure we all got breakfast. We had visitors to help with lunch and to be with us in the afternoon, and we had a surprise dinner drop off (that smells delicious, by the way). I was able to rest, the kids had a good day. I just feel really good about how the day went.

Is every day going to be a super awesome day? Probably not. And I think that's okay. If we never ever had bad days, how would we appreciate the good ones? In this long haul, I expect to have some bad days. But I look forward to the good days too.

The resting is paying off and my ass bleeding has slowed way way down. So yay for that!


  1. Hooray for an awesome day! I pray for many more for you and your family. :) Vanessa

  2. And Julie said... Yay, for a good day!! You deserve many more. I agree if we didn't have some bad days, we wouldn't appreciate the good one. Love Mom and Dad