Saturday, February 6, 2010

If you time it juuuuuuust right...

the packing of the ass doesn't make me want to run away screaming. I guess that's good to know for the next few days while we wait for everything to get sorted out for the wound vac. The key to the timing is ibuprofen, wait a little, vicodin and tylonel, wait until I feel loopy, then pack. If we can replicate that twice a day, I think we're silver (not golden. Being golden would involve NO ass packing).

Other good news for today, Eric gets to take off the chemo pack! This involves fun things like flushing the line and yanking the needle out of my port. I'll be glad to have the pack off, although I got so used to it the last time that it's pretty much no big deal.

It's a relief that chemo is every other week. It's a relief that we have so many people offering to help while we deal with this whole wound vac thing. It's a relief that I'm able to move around a little better, and knowing that healing is happening, slowly, but happening.

Oh get this. I read and post on colonclub from time to time, and people keep talking about their port sites being numbed before inserting the needle. No one ever offered this to me, but the last time I asked. There is this amazing spray that freezes the port site and inserting the needle is way less painful. The nurses couldn't have offered this when I was getting my port stuck every week?? It was awesome.

Finding the good in the bad, that's what it's all about!

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