Friday, February 5, 2010 vs. old skool. That was the decision Eric and I had to make last night about this whole open wound thing. After doing more information gathering, we decided to go with technology. There's a call in to the surgeon's nurse letting her know that we want a wound vac like yesterday. Hopefully we can get that set up today while Eric is off work, and he assured me we will figure things out with the kids and getting me to my appointments.

I'm okay with this decision. Having things heal up faster, having the wound covered, and having trained professionals see it three times a week all sound like good ideas. Having to find people to watch the kids and drive me to my appointments (I still can't drive) is going to be challenging, but you know, we did it before with Radiation. I think we can do it again, and at least it's not every day. As soon as we figure out what exactly is going on, we can get things arranged for the kids.

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  1. Sheri and Eric,
    You made the right decision. Wound vacs are awesome. Wounds heal much faster with them. The fact that you have an infection really sucks, but just remember, this too will pass. Let us know what times you need someone. I will try to work something out with my boss.