Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chemo Day

Please note there was no exclamation point on the title because I am NOT excited about this at all. In fact, I'm putzing around this morning because I don't know, I'm hoping to miss the appointment? That I'll look at the clock and say, "Oh shoot, we're late. Guess we better just skip it!" Yes, I realize that's not realistic, and I would probably never do that. But deep down, I want to.

I mean, what if it really super sucks?

I'm glad Eric is going with me so I won't be alone. I'm glad my children will be well taken care of while we're gone. But I still wish I didn't have to go in the first place. I'm trying to remember that I'm doing this for my health, and ultimately that means I'm doing it for my family so my kids can have a healthy mom. And believe you me, I will be bringing this up when they are older and sassy: "Hey, you stop sassing me! I did chemo for you!" Think that will work?

Oh! I have to tell you about my stoma issue from yesterday. So I don't know if I ate too many beans or if the vicodin finally caught up with me and constipated me or what, but the stoma was working sooooooo hard but nothing but some gas would come out. I was all crampy and unhappy. I drank a lot of prune juice and a lot of water and tried to walk around. We even changed the appliance in case it was partially blocking the hole. I went to bed feeling all sad about being stopped up. But when I woke up at about 2:30am, I found the stoma had worked really hard and pushed a whole bunch of stuff out! Yay stoma!! I actually cheered in my mind because I hate the constipated feeling. I believe it's working just fine now, thank goodness. I really need to get off the vicodin and drink more water, man. Gotta take care of the stoma!

So that's your amusing stoma story for today, this Thursday, February 4th, one month from surgery, and me about to start chemo that will last for 16 weeks.

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