Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watching the world go by...

That's what I feel like on a chemo weekend. I'm too tired to do anything, and life just goes on by. I slept a lot today, some in the recliner, and some upstairs. I discovered how awesome it is to retreat to my bed in the middle of the day when I decided to go lay down yesterday. Wow, so nice. No one woke me up hollaring at his/her sibling. No one woke me up to ask me a question that could be asked of dad. I woke up to my little cat Oliver sleeping next to the wound vac (she loves that thing). It was easily the highlight of my weekend, napping in my bed.

So I'm just keepin' on keepin' on. I go from too hot to too cold, that's a bummer. My appetite is nonexistent, but I just eat whatever Eric puts in front of me. And I keep looking forward to feeling better tomorrow.


  1. Oliver is such a good kitty! Maybe she's trying to help the wound vac be more productive :) We are sending you love and good vibes today...and remember, your chemo days are coming to an end!!!

  2. Julie said ... Resting is the best thing when you feel blah. It kind of revives a person. Just think only two left!!! I am so excited for your future! I am finding out that parents really do get to live some of their dreams through their kids!! Just know that your Dad and I support you no matter what you do. We love you unconditionally !!!! Georgia here you come!!! Love Mom and Dad