Friday, April 23, 2010


It's Friday! Whoohoooo!

Reasons Friday is a good day:
Eric will be home for the whole weekend!
My parents are coming into town.
New dressing change hopefully means an end to Pokey Butt.
A great friend is taking me to my dressing change and we'll probably hang out afterwards.
I don't have to feel chemo sick until NEXT Friday.
My children didn't hassle me about their breakfast foods.
It's sunny outside.

The biggest thing that is not so good is that I've developed some mouth sores. They are annoying and hurt. They make it hard for me to enjoy my sandwich of choice (hummus on any kind of bread with tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, banana peppers, spinich and/or lettuce, if you were wondering). I read that there's an over the counter mouthwash I can use to make them better. But until then, the mouth sores are rivaling Pokey Butt for causing me irritation this morning.

Speaking of Pokey Butt, I have to remember to get the shaving done today. I HAVE TO. I hate Pokey Butt.

So here's to an excellent Friday, free of Pokey Butt for all.

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