Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pokey Butt

So how's this for an embarassing TMI? Periodically, the nurses changing my dressing have to shave around the wound. That's right, they totally shave my ass. If we forget to deal with the ass hair, the tape pulls on the hair and that causes Pokey Butt. Pokey Butt freaking hurts, man. You'd be surprised how much tape pulling on butt hair hurts. A lot, that's how much.

Guess what I forgot to ask about today? Yeah. I have Pokey Butt. It sucks. Hopefully the dressing change on Wednesday will be better. I hate Pokey Butt.

1 comment:

  1. I sense a Nair ad coming on. "We wear short shorts, if you dare wear short shorts, Nair wear short shorts......". Since you don't wear short shorts right now (maybe you will when you move somewhere warmer), they need an ad for people who need shorn asses. What does pokey butt rhyme with?