Monday, April 26, 2010

Pelicans! And other good things about today

About three years ago, we started seeing pelicans in our area. They leave for the winter, but come back in the spring to hang out on Lake Winnebago and on the Fox River. I freaking LOVE watching them. I'm not a bird person usually, but there's just something so cool about those pelicans. Maybe it's how they seem to hover in the air on hot summer days when they fly way up high. Maybe it's how odd they look close up, and how big they are. It just amazes me to see them, so when I saw three different flocks flying this morning, it made my day.

Other things that made my day, in no particular order:

getting my dressing changed and no longer stinking like ass wound
a delicious tempeh bacon, tomato, and lettuce sandwich (with sprouts and veganaise)
finishing the Kick Ass Surfer Girl bag that I've been working on and NOT breaking my sewing machine
getting things done around the house
listening to the kids play nicely without fighting
knowing my kids had a fun morning playing and not sitting around the clinic
the awesome box of fun I packed up to send to a friend
my mouth sores are almost gone and no longer hurt
the sun is shining
my new man sandals that don't fall off my feet when I walk

I have TONS to be thankful for and glad for. I like to think I would recognize all the good things in my life even if I didn't have cancer, but there's nothing like some super crappy circumstances to make you appreciate more what good things you have.

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