Saturday, December 5, 2009

So that's what it's called!

My surgery is officially called an abdominoperineal resection. For some reason blogger won't let me copy a link, but I'm sure you all are awesome at googling. It's on Wickipedia.

Let's try to add a picture!

So that's the deal, aside from the manly chest. I better not wake up looking like that. While I have no idea how the cutting actually takes place, maybe that's better. Eric likened it to pitting an olive (we watched a show about how olives are made today), but I don't know about that. For the time being, I'm good without the details. I can always ask the surgeon if I change my mind.

Today was a pretty okay day. I got to go to the fabric store AND the grocery store (I love grocery shopping). I sewed up a messenger bag (Christmas gifty). We ate enchiladas for dinner. After I put my children to bed, I'll probably have a drink. Good times.


  1. Just like everyday, I am thinking about you. I think positive thoughts of you repeatedly. Do you like vegan banana bread with vegan choc chips? Because that's what you're gettin.

  2. I do not discriminate against any vegan baked goods. ;)