Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's been a long day, always ain't that right

So. The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over. We traveled safely and got to see both my family and Eric's family. Well, most of my family...the weather held us up for about six hours so we did miss one holiday gathering. It's so great to catch up with people you haven't seen in a long time. And it's quite awesome to hear how many people are reading my blog! Feel free to pass it on if there's someone you think would be interested in reading, or someone who might need the information. And in the new year, let's all get colonoscopies!! I mean, I won't because I get to have surgery instead. Take care of your asses, people!

I tried to copy and paste some song lyrics here, but I don't know what's going on with blogger. Booooo blogger. Anyway, the song is "Long Day" by Matchbox 20. Does anyone still listen to Matchbox 20? Yourself or Someone Like You was one of my most played CDs back in the day (college). I was going through my Turtlepod while driving through the frozen midsection of Wisconsin and rediscovered my Matchbox 20 love. The lyrics are worth googling if you've nothing else to do, since I'm not going to type them all out for you. I will give you the chorus though.

"Reach down your hand in your pocket
Pull out some hope for me
It's been a long day, always ain't that right
And no Lord your hand won't stop it
Just keep me trembling
It's been a long day, always ain't that right"

Check out the album, it's good stuff. "Long Day" has been in and out of my head since it popped in there yesterday. Sometimes this feels like one big long bad day.

I'm nervous about surgery. I feel like I'm on a moving walkway, and the surgery date is up ahead, and all I want to do is turn around and walk away. But the walkway keeps going, days keep going by, and before I know it Wednesday, January 6th will be here. I go back and forth between worrying about some tiny aspect of surgery that randomly pops into my head and stressing out about all the things that need doing before Eric and I take that drive to the hospital.

Speaking of the hospital and random thoughts, I think hospital time would be prime time for some sort of movie watching marathon. We have lots to choose from around here. I could do a Harry Potter marathon. Would it be ironic to host a House marathon in a hospital room? I have a couple seasons of Bones. All three Jurassic Park movies (yes, I even own the last crappy one, I'm a sucker for dinosaurs). Perhaps we should take a poll to find out what the visitors will want to see, because I will be happily hopped up on whatever drugs the nurses will parcel out.

See? That's the kind of stuff I think about. It's not all gloom and doom. But I don't think it would hurt for you to reach down your hand in your pocket, and pull out some hope for me. You know, if you're so inclined. The positive thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.


  1. Star Wars Marathon is my vote.
    Glad you guys made it back home safely!


  2. I could totally do a Star Wars marathon.

  3. I am a fan of tv shows on video, it is awesome to watch tv without commercials :) Some of my favorites: Lost, Dexter, Big Love, and Weeds. I know the Appleton Library has some of these as I had requested they buy some of them when we lived there :)

  4. I think you should go old school, National Lampoons, all of them