Thursday, December 3, 2009

January 6th, 2010.

If you'd like to say goodbye to my asshole, make sure you do it before that date.

So we had our list of questions, but nothing the doctor said really surprised me. I've done enough reading to kind of know. He did a quickie exam, and was pleased with how well the chemo and radiation worked. We chatted about surgery, which will be done through a bikini cut, much like a c-section. Isn't that ironic? One of my biggest fears during childbirth was having a c-section and what do I get now? Crazy.

Let's see. I still have to do the colon prep, but instead of the massive jug of crappy moviprep, I get to do miralax and something else in gatorade. I'll meet with the stoma nurse the day of the surgery and the stoma spot will get marked. The surgery itself only takes about 1.5 hours. Hospital stay is expected to be about a week.

I don't know how I feel right now. On one hand, it's good to have a date. But now it's real. Someone is going to cut into me and see my guts and take out parts of me. It might take me a few days to wrap my mind around that, or at least get to the point where I don't tear up when I think about it.

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  1. Sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to say, and I'll be honest and say that I don't know what the right thing to say right now is.

    So I'll say this. If you ever want to talk about anything, please let me know and we'll be there for you.