Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nom nom nom

The past few days, I have been hungry for anything and everything. I think it's safe to say my appetite has returned. Some of it might very well be psychological too, knowing that in a month I'll be starting chemo again and maybe won't be able to eat the foods I like. Believe me, I missed beans and vegetables and fresh fruit. Yesterday I made the most awesome green bean casserole and it tasted so freaking good.

Other than stuffing my face, I've been doing more processing, thinking, a little crying. Taking things one day at a time is a good thing for me right now. I did start back up with the yoga DVD, which helps me to feel more peaceful. Well, as peaceful as one can feel with two small children hopping around, falling over, and asking why I can't touch my toes.

And we're slowly making plans for surgery and beyond as far as caring for those nosy children. My mom will be staying with us for a while, and countless others have offered help. I feel very loved, and am thankful that there are so many people that I trust who can help with my babies.

Anyhoo, we're off for tea and to drop off the missing library book I finally found. And so the mundane will prevail, at least for today. :)

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