Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Uneventful Chemo Day

Really it was.  No surprises.  My mom went with me.  She drank a lot of coffee to stay warm in the cold chemo lounge.  Several people asked about her accent, and asked her to say, "Wisconsin." 

I feel...heavy.  And tired.  It's frustrating because there are things I want to do.  Like take a walk with my mom and my kids.  Like work on the bag I'm sewing.  Like plan something cool for a fun, nationwide project that was suggested on a tv show I enjoy.  Like clean up my kitchen so someone else doesn't have to do it. 

Stupid chemo.  You better be working.  Or else.

All right.  I'll be in my recliner eating strawberry fruit popsicles if anyone needs me.


  1. Yay for moms and popsicles. Boo for stupid chemo and stupid cancer.

  2. I hope having your mom there with you helped the day go by easier. I hope you are doing well, and my thoughts are always with you. You are amazing. I know that you work hard every day trying to keep things as normal as you can for you and the family. When I think about the definition of 'a great mother, woman, and wife' I think of you. You are my idol.
    Katie J

  3. Yum, Popsicle. Firefox thought it need capitalization.