Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am really thankful for today.

My kids are driving me nuts, but at least I'm here for them to be able to do that.
I kneaded bread this morning, and I'm sure that two days ago, that wouldn't have been possible because of how tired I can get.
My smoothie tastes good, and is ICE COLD and doesn't hurt my mouth (anyone who has done FOLFOX will understand why this makes me so happy).
There are baskets of clothes everywhere, but we're lucky to have so much.
My husband is out working hard, and we're so glad he has a job.

I'm glad for this day, and for every day.  Sometimes in the dredges of my sick weekend, I forget about how much I have going for me.  I feel so sorry for myself, and I wish for better for my family.  But man, I HAVE so much. 

Not that I won't complain about being sick the next time.  I think that's too much to ask of me right now.  It's nice to think about the good in the world too when I'm able.

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