Sunday, April 10, 2011

La La La

I spent the last bunch of days pretending I don't have cancer.  It's pretty easy when you have Little Chemo and feel mostly normal the next day.  After the kids and I ran errands yesterday morning, we spent a mostly lazy day watching Police Women of Broward County.  I took a nap too.  And a bath.  Today has already been great because I went for a run (64 degrees this morning, y'all!), I get to go to Joann's and I have a sewing project in mind.  Later the kids have a birthday party.

I feel really good today.  I feel good about life.  I feel good about everything.  We all know from reading this blog that I don't always feel like this.  Some days are really awful, and I have a lot of thoughts and worries I wish I didn't have.  I always joke that aside from the cancer, I'm great.  And it's true.  I love my life with my kick ass husband and my amzing kids, all my friends and family.  I am so fucking lucky to have this life.  Maybe I'll try harder to remember that on the bad days.

Although I think bad days are okay too.  I would be a big faker if I didn't share the bad days.

So, this week.  I see my oncologist on Wednesday, bright and early.  And we'll go from there.

And now back to my lala land of sunshine and lollipops (vegan, of course!).


  1. YAY for running. I wish you didn't have to have bad days, but hey, cancer and chemo, they're going to happen, and that's okay. Just know that no one expects you to be all sunshine and happy all the time.

  2. Except me . . .(ILY)