Monday, August 8, 2011

I totally freaked out this morning after looking at my stoma.  Let me back up a bit though.

Chemo makes my guts slow to a crawl.  I will go from normal to nugget output like whoa.  It usually lasts a couple days after chemo and then things go back to normal output.  This time, it did not go back to normal.  I made it a point to eat foods that are good for "normal."  I drank lots of water.  Usually this does the trick.

Not so this time!  I looked at my stoma this morning and it was all swollen and sad and awful.  I decided I needed a professional to take a look.  After searching all over the place for my ostomy nurse's number, I thought I would just stop by and see if she could help me out.

Things must happen for a reason, because my nurse happened to be in (even though she had planned to take the day off).  She was glad to help me out, and suggested a remedy.  I was so glad she was in the office.

My own remedy, coffee, actually got things moving so I'm no longer freaked out.  And I have a plan for the next time this happens.

Fellow ostomates, I wanted to share this story to let you know that we all have bad days with our ostomies.  Most of the time I actually like mine very much, and I know that's not the case with everyone.  This weekend was pretty terrible though, not something I want to repeat.

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