Monday, May 9, 2011

Probably the most frustrating thing about chemo for me is how tired I get.  Today I feel mostly normal, except that silly things like chopping vegetables for a salad (delicious cabbage salad, if you were curious) make me want to crawl back into bed.  Even sitting up at this computer chair makes me tired.  I can tell when I over do it too...I push and push, then I start feeling nauseous, clammy, shaky.  Oh well, at least the salad is done.  One thing at a time, right?

I couldn't fall asleep last night.  Too much thinking.  It wasn't good thinking either.  More of "what if" types of thoughts.  I wish I could say that I always feel peaceful and think positively, but I don't.  There is just so much to lose, you know?

I can't spend time on that today though.  We have way too much to do.  So I'm going to rest for a few minutes, then move on to the next thing until I get tired again.  Happy Monday!

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