Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another little chemo down!!!  This means I've finished the fourth cycle.  Two more and I can haz a scan.

It was mostly uneventful.  Little Chemo is by far easier than Big Chemo, and I'm very glad.  The nurse seated me in the back, and after she went to get her stuff, I jumped up and got my ice water.  When I got back, she was all ready to go, and the guy in a chair near me said I was trying to escape.  We all had a laugh, especially when I said, "I've considered it before!"  Because I so have.  Hah.

I don't know what is with the nurses in the chemo lounge, but they are not good needle stickers.  The lady upstairs is very fast about it, and it hurts for a few seconds.  The nurses in the chemo lounge are too slow and it HURTS.  That, and I suspect the cleaning solution wasn't quite dry, so it stings.  The guy who tried to rat me out for escaping laughed and said, "No lidocaine cream?"  I wanted to say, "Well, obviously not!"  but I was nice and the nurse offered to call some in for me.  I knew about this lidocaine cream, but up until now, it hasn't been that bad to get stuck.

Then the guy aske me how much chemo I've had.  Luckily, Eric and I talked about this just yesteday, so I knew.  He has been doing chemo since 2008.  I don't know his primary cancer, but he said it's in his liver now.  I should have asked.  It's hard because I often don't feel like chatting in the chemo lounge.  I'll have to think about this.

It doesn't matter really because shortly after that I got the benedryl and fell asleep (listening to the first CD of Rent, if you were wondering what was on my playlist).  Then when I woke up, he was asleep.  People sleep a lot in the chemo lounge.

I ate some veggie chips, watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and then it was time to go.  And now I don't have to think about chemo for a whole week!  Whoohoooooo!!!!

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