Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing Mail

I think that it is amazing, when I'm feeling down, someone almost always does something to bring me back up.  It might be a trip to Atlanta, or a funny email, or a sweet facebook message.  Today it was this beautiful lap quilt, made by a woman I've never met in person but have known for a while on a messageboard.  She's a busy lady but she took time out of her business and family sewing to make this for me.

You made my day, Bonnie!!!!  Thank you so so much for thinking of me, and for your gifts. 

The best part of the gift?  It wasn't the stuff (although man, I do love vegan chocolate and tea and suckers, and this quilt!!!!).  It was the note sent with the package, with thoughts and prayers for me and my family.  I don't need any stuff, but I sure need to know that people are thinking about us.  That's the best gift I could ever ever get.


  1. Thinking about you tonight. What an awesome quilt!!! Are those turtles??? It looks very snuggly :)


  2. Yes, turtles!!! My nickname on my cloth diapering messageboard is turtlemama. :)