Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chemo Recap, #4

It went fine, y'all.  Nothing surprising.  My doc was all, "Let Eric do the dishes" in response to my cracked fingers.  Eric totally would do the dishes, but he's not even here most of the day and the kids and I make a lot of mess in the kitchen.  I'll find some gloves, and maybe some better hand lotion.  Man, I hate hand lotion.  It's so greasy.

We also chatted about a scan.  The doc wants two more cycles (so two more Big Chemos), then the scan.  It's scheduled for early June.  And we'll see what we see and go from there.

It was cold in the chemo lounge yesterday.  Warm blankets all around!  The nurses are so nice, maybe because I'm so young and I hang out there alone most of the time.  I can do lots of things myself though, they probably appreciate that.  They turn around and I'm off to the bathroom, my rickety tower and all.  It didn't seem as busy but I slept a lot.

Thoughts on my pump:  I seem to forget the little bastard is there and get caught on things more than I used to.  I think it's becaue my port is on the left side, and I was so used to it on the right (but I don't regret those months I spent port free).  I'll be glad to get rid of it Friday because my little cat Oliver doesn't like it.  She usually sleeps next to my pillow at night, I make room on purpose.  When I have the pump, the tubes are right where she sleeps.  I could do without the little RRRRRR noise as well.  But it's still better than the wound vac!

The plan for the weekend is recovery, and hopefully I won't complain so much.  We shall see.

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