Saturday, May 21, 2011

Causing a Ruckus at the Cancer Center

That's what I'm good at, right?

Since I didn't have to go in for the disconnect until later in the afternoon, Eric and the kids came with me.  I went into the infusion waiting room and they were going to goof around outside.  After signing in, I heard childlike voices in the lobby, so I popped over to the entrance of the infusion center to chat with Eric and the kids.  They ended up migrating into the waiting room, sitting on some chairs right at the back.  There was ONE other person waiting.  We were laughing and the kids were showing me how they play elevator.  I was in such a horrible mood that I was glad to be laughing.

Then a nurse walked by, hardly stopped, and said, "Those kids can't be in here, they have to wait in the lobby."  She wasn't nice at all.  It sucked.  Reese got upset and started crying because she wanted to be with me.  A different nurse came over to us and asked what was wrong, and I explained that Reese was feeling sad.  She offered cookies and juice to the kids, which I so appreciated.

Yeah, the kids aren't supposed to be in the infusion waiting room.  I know.  I still think it's lame and really sucks.  I'm sure the nurses just didn't want to get into trouble. But would it have hurt for the first nurse to just show some kindness and understanding?  To say please?  To empathize with our situation? 

I wish I could explain to the nurses who don't know how sad it is that I can't laugh with my kids in the doorway of the waiting room.  And I wish I could explain how much I needed to laugh yesterday.


  1. Could you maybe write them a letter to let them know how things are? Maybe ask them for compassion? I'm sorry Sheri. It stinks. You'd think they would be nicer and more compassionate given their line of work.

  2. I get their reasons, I really do. Most of the time I just don't even worry about it anymore. After all, I'm lucky enough to get to hang out with my kids all the time. :) The majority of the nurses and staff at the cancer center are so awesome. There are plenty of great things going on there too.

  3. Aw that really sucks! I'm sorry that happened, and I feel so bad that she had to upset everyone and Reese so badly. That was really rude of the nurse to be so blunt and not understanding at all. I wish I could give her a big hug! I think about you everyday, and am always wishing you positive thoughts and better days. I miss you all! xoxo
    Katie J

  4. To clarify, I wish that I could give Reese a big hug, not the nurse. lol. I re-read my post and realized that it kind've sounded like I was talking about the nurse. I'd prefer to punch her in the face. :-) I love you guys!