Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Day After

I ran this morning.  I was all, "This will be easy!  Little Chemo is easy!  Yay!"  and after my legs turned to jelly after about 30 seconds of running I was all, "What the heck??"  I walked a little, and ran a little, and walked a little, and ran a little.  By the end, it was better.  Proof that chemo effects can be pushed through and round house kicked down?  Maybe.  I feel good that I went out and did my best and then a little more.

The kids and I are staying home today.  I'm so glad.  Sometimes I just need a break from the go, go, go that our life has become. 

Otherwise?  I feel good.  Life is good.  Smiley Face.


  1. WOW!! Great job getting out for a run/walk!!! I am duly impressed. Kiss your kids for me. Miss you all!!

  2. How fabulous you attempted a run! I'm a vegan Mom to two as well and my Dad is currently fighting stage 3B colorectal cancer DX in October 2009. Thanks for sharing your journey. Hope you don't mind the comment.


  3. Comments are always welcome. Many positive thoughts to your day on his journey.