Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last night Eric off-handedly mentioned that I have 2 round of FOLFOX and 3 rounds of FOLFURI, and I was like, "Really, that's all?" It's the same amount of chemo treatments I had to go when I freaked out on Tuesday and it seemed so overwhelming. When he said it last night, it seemed like something I could do. Five more, I can do that.

It took me about five days to feel good enough to start doing things again. Today was day 6, and I cleaned what I could in both bathrooms, loaded the dishwasher, did some other putzy stuff in the kitchen. It felt so so good to DO something. It was awful not being able to do anything those days when I was sick, but I just need to focus on the fact that it will pass. This too shall pass. I have so much to look forward to in the next six months, so much to look forward to after chemo is over. It's just this little blip in my life, it will pass.

Anyway, I feel better today, emotionally, physically, everything. There's still some leftover weepiness, but I think that's my emotions and how amazed I am that so many people want to help me.

I know one thing, man. I could not do this without Eric. There is no way. I can't imagine it. He kicks ass with the kids, with the house, with encouraging and caring for me.

So let's hope for a good dressing change tomorrow. Anyone going to wear blue with me again? I'm thinking I'll wear blue and my rockin' colorectal cancer awareness shirt every Friday this month. Feel free to join me!

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  1. So glad to hear life feels lighter today. Eric is certainly a keeper.

    Thinking you had chemo today I dropped by the cancer center with vegan banana bread. Oops. My track record is not so good here. It's now in our freezer waiting for me to find a slot to run to your house or for your next chemo. Any preferences?