Monday, March 22, 2010

And the surgeon said...

not really a whole lot! He said my wound is healing nicely, it looks good. That's the same thing the nurses say, and I bet I get charged less money for them to say it. Basically we're going to just keep doing what we're doing for another month, and then I'll see him again. He did say that at some point the hassle of the vac would probably outweigh its usefulness, and he expects the wound to heal completely, eventually. That was good to hear, I guess. It would have been better to hear that it's healed and I don't need the vac anymore, but I knew he wasn't really going to say that.

After seeing the surgeon, I went back up to wound care so the nurses could put the dressing back on. I was so out of it from the pain killers that I didn't even realize the nurse put the sponge back in. Needless to say, I wish it was like that all the time. My butt is hurty though, pokey. I'm hoping I can go to bed without any pain meds, I'm really only using them for dressing changes most of the time.

The really good news is that I feel so much better than I did after chemo the last time. I'm still very tired, and get worn out fast, but I'm eating food. The nausea hasn't been nearly as bad. My stoma is putting out hard little nuggets (how's that for some TMI??), which kind of hurts, but at least my guts are moving.

You know what else is nice about FOLFURI vs FOLFOX? I can drink ice water after the FOLFURI. You don't realize how awesome ice water is until you can't drink it because you get throat prickles. Same with smoothies. They're just not very good warm.


  1. I'll admit it, I lol'd at you getting charged less when the nurse says it rather than the surgeon.

    Are hard nuggets good? If they are, Hooray! :)

    Glad to hear the wound is healing though *hugs*

  2. Hard nuggets are better than nothing. :)