Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yesterday was such a craptastic day. I was short-tempered, the epitome of Bitch Mother (which you would know about if you read the East Village Inky...come over to my house and I'll let you read a copy), even though I tried not to be, and I'm blaming that soley on my ass. Raw skin, people, raw skin. It is not pretty. The best I can do is burn cream, aloe, and the sitz bath. Hey, that sitz bath, that's good stuff. I'm glad I just did it last night because it did not hurt like I worried about, and I'm sure it's good for my skin.

I appreciated the google advice. :) A friend of mine from one of my messageboards actually found me a colon cancer messageboard ( where I was able to find some helpful information.

Today I go to the cancer center for what I hope is an uneventful chemo bag change so I can get on to bigger and better things. Mainly potato oles from Taco John's.

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  1. Don't feel bad. If I had raw skin on my ass...LOOK OUT. "high five" to your messageboard friend! That's a good find!!

    Hope today is better!