Saturday, November 7, 2009

I don't feel much better today, still very tired and very sore. The last couple of weekends I seem to recall Sunday being a better day, so here's hoping that's true of tomorrow. Sleeping last night was a drag...I was in the bathroom for a while around 1:30am, then Reese was awake, then Eli came to bed and couldn't calm down. My butt hurt so much I didn't want to move or have anyone touch me, kind of a tough order with a husband and a cosleeping child. Tonight is another night though!

Eric bought me a new blender today. I used our old one yesterday, but it was smoking and I kind of thought that it might not be wise to continue using it. I tried to talk Eric into a vitamix, and if you want to know why we didn't go with that, just go look it up on your internets. Hah. Instead I got a very nice looking Oster, very fancy black and silver. If I feel hungry later, I might make myself a smoothee.

Guess what else I got, suckers? An Easy Bake Oven!!! BIL/SIL stopped by last night with an End of Radiation gift, and I was so surprised! I've always wanted one of those. And yes, I know it's just cooking with a light bulb. Reese and Eli have been freaking out about it all day, and I wish I felt better. Yeah, too tired and hurty to play Easy Bake oven with the kids. How crummy is that? Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, thank you so much, BIL/SIL!! Awesome gift!

I feel like I should be getting people gifts, not receiving them. There's no way I could have done this without all the people who helped with Reese and Eli. It was a lot easier leaving them knowing that they were being cared for by such great people. I suspect my family would have eaten a lot more pizza and other assorted crap without the meals in our freezer. I don't know if I would have been in such good spirits without the postcards, cards, little gifts, messages on FB, hugs and words of encouragement. This really has been a journey for all of us, hasn't it? I couldn't ask for better fellow travelers.

It's not over though, but the radiation was a huge mountain on this cancer trip. I'm really having to stare at surgery now, and it's scary. Knowing that I got through the colonoscopy/port placement okay helps me not be so freaked out, but man. I'm freaked out. There is going to be cutting. And removing of parts. And I'm going to have a hole in my belly like that crazy cow I saw at the veterinary college. I think I can do it, especially if you're all plodding along with me.

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  1. Sheri, sending lots of love & prayers your way. I just realized this week that you have a blog, & I sat down & read every single post. Your descriptions of your journey have made me laugh & cry by turns! But, ultimately what I found most inspiring are the threads of love, faith, & perserverence that shine through your entries.

    Here's to kicking some cancer ass!

    Love, Beth Hoffmann