Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holy crap, Wednesday already??

Not that I'm complaining. I'm all for this week speeding by, thank you very much.

But today is Narrow the Field and Increase the Intensity Day. And I have no idea what that means exactly. Eric tried to explain it to me last night because he is the master of information, and I kind of get it. Unfortunately, I don't think I can explain it to anyone else, so maybe I don't get it? My main concern is: Will this hurt more? I guess I'll find out.

The worst thing right now is the whole stomach cramps and nausea after eating thing. The is probably really bad to say, but if I didn't have pills that need to be taken with food, it would be quite tempting not to eat at all. Don't get all freaked out, I most likely won't go that far. When you're not feeling hungry in the first place though it would not be hard. I'm pretty sure this is a chemo issue, so I'll yak at the nurse on Thursday.

Even though I'm thrilled to be almost done, it's going to be so weird next week. I'll have no place to go every morning. If I'm feeling good, the kids and I could *gasp* go somewhere! Going out in the public with all the sick people might not be a good idea so soon, and I'm sure I'll need more rest. Think of it, how nice it will be NOT to be tied to a schedule. My schedule tended towards the full side before all this craziness, but it was mostly optional stuff. If I wanted to blow off library storytime or a park playgroup, it was no big deal.

I miss our groups and friends and getting out of the house because we want to.

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  1. Yea!!!! Only 2 More!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that these last few treatments won't be too bad. Are you ready to party??