Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Google is in epic fail mode for me today. Is it so much to ask to find some information about the normal course of healing after radiation for rectal cancer? I understand the whole "talk to your doctor" thing, and I did that. I was told I should start feeling better in about two weeks. Well you know what? That's not good enough for me. I want to know how healing is going to feel. I want to know what my skin might do. Does no one talk about this? Perhaps I'm googling the wrong phrases? That's frustrating too because normally I'm a pretty good googler, if I do say so myself.

So once again it's up to me to blab about it. Fine. I'll tell you though, blazing my own damn path gets annoying sometimes, especially when I'd like some answers and to know I'm not alone on this stupid cancer island. I think part of my purpose for this blog is community service, so if some other young adult turns up with rectal cancer, they can at least know they're not alone.

It's been five days since I was last fried (isn't that awesome!! one ray of sunshine, most definitely!). Skin is still coming off, how's that for disgusting? It seems like maybe not as much though. Some of the parts that were affected but were on the edge, if that makes sense, are feeling itchy. Other parts closer to the epicenter of the burn are prickly and uncomfortable. I'm using the burn cream a few times a day, and freak tons of aloe in between that. There were plans for one of those crazy sitz baths last night, but I talked myself out of it. I was cold and tired. Tonight I won't listen to my whiny self because I think a little bath would help. It hurts to pee, but I suspect urine running over burned skin will do that.

I have almost no idea if this is how things normally go. The Fry Doctor and his nurse have pretty much told me that everything I've complained to them about is normal and give vague statements about how things might go. Yes, I know everyone is different. Blah blah blah. You know, I'm just so impatient for this all to be over. It would be nice if I could take my kids to the park or the library, or if I even just had more patience with them.

As far as flu watch, I had a fever last night again (100.something), but other than a small sort of cough, nothing.

Well, I'm off to find things to do that involve sitting very still in one place. Perhaps one day I'll make a list because I'm becoming an expert.

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  1. I have learned, through my own experience, that Google is actually the least resourceful and least privacy protective site. Given that, I will admit it is still my first choice search engine. It's hard to break some habits. However, have you ever tried ""? Aside from the fun name, it will give you results from multiple different search engines AND it doesn't track your searches. Google's tracking method will not only narrow your results for your future searches (b/c it thinks it knows what you want, hence the frustration when your not getting the results you actually do want) but it also is very private and privacy lovers can relax. (Google actually tracks and stores your searches for at LEAST 6 months.) Other than Dogpile, my legal research professor loved the "yahoo" search engine. Give these a shot. Unfortunately, your answers might just be really hard to come by since people are so afraid to talk about their assholes. Since that's probably the case, I suggest that after you show cancer who's Boss that we try publishing your blog in book-form. That way other people can have somewhere to go for real answers :)

    Hope some of this helps!