Thursday, November 5, 2009

Warning! Grossness ahead!

Whooo, I'm having blogger issues today.

And plenty of ass issues too! Of course, lots of things would come up on the second to last day of radiation. The Fry Doctor was all, "Well, this is how we know it's working!" Oh thanks, Fry Doctor.

Anyway, I took a look at my asshole this morning and yikes. I swear it wasn't that red and irritated two days ago. And guess who else decided to join the party? I have a little hemorrhoid (for real this time, hahaha). Of course my diva asshole would want to experience all the typical asshole ailments before being removed forever. So I had to ask the Fry Doctor to look at it. He and the nurse took one tiny look and suddenly all the symptoms I've been having are explained. Well yay!? Explained by...wait for it...radiation treatments! Who would have guessed? More specifically, the skin in the radiated area is kind of coming off and trying to repair itself and it's pretty much a big hot mess. There was a technical doctor term, but it was long and I don't remember it anymore. It doens't matter because whatever you want to call it, it HURTS.

I got some burn cream. It's niiiiiice. And the good news is that the Fry Doctor expects that I'll feel much better in about two weeks.

After all that, I had to go over and deal with chemo. A nurse did the line draw and removed the monster needle from my port. She spirited my pump bag away, and I got to hang around the waiting room. While I was there, I stole some cancer cookies for the kids, and helped myself to some water. Another nurse came to get me. I was informed that the chemo side has a new computer system so things were moving a little slowly. The second nurse, after taking some vitals (don't worry, I'm still alive), left me in an exam room. For a long time. Good thing I had my Ipod.

The chemo nurse showed up all flustered, blamed the computer system, and we got down to business. My white blood count is good, 5.6 so yay for that. My liver is functioning well. I complained about the nausea, and the nurse fretted about my diarrhea (which I didn't really think was that bad until today because today it kind of is that bad). I got some fancy new prescriptions for both issues.

The thing I didn't like was before they would rehook my chemo pump, the nurse wanted me to have some of the anti-nausea meds through IV. Yeah, so I had to go sit in the chemo lounge and it was weird and uncomfortable. People are really nice back there, the volunteers came around pushing their cookies and coffee. But there's nothing that shoves the realization that you have cancer in your face like being around a bunch of people who also have cancer. Maybe I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around having cancer. Two months ago, I didn't. I mean, I DID, but I didn't know it.

The anti-nausea IV made me freaking hungry, so as soon as I escaped from the cancer center, I drove to the nearest Taco John's for some potato oles. Don't get too jealous, they kind of gave me a stomach ache. That's typical of food lately.

The morning completely wiped me out. I came home and pretty much crashed on the couch. For about two hours.

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  1. I'm glad your vitals were good and you're still alive :)

    You're doing awesome, Sheri. I'm so proud of you.